We reaaaalyyyy haven't seen Kurokochii get So angry for real!!!! it only happened here at SEASON 2 EPISODE 11 !!!... But aren't we also like extremely MAD??!!...I mean how dare he touch our Kurokoooo :( (who does he think he is anyway?...if he hit him, he would've been punished from everyone)......oooohhh but that's sth we'd love to see, no? :D
Anyway it was already time that they finished with this match....I mean this game kinda started at the 9th episode and it's only just finished now :-0...it DID take long, didn't it??!!
BUT it was certainly worth it!!!! all of this season's episodes always can keep u at the edge of ur seat.....in short: WE LOVE KNB ;)

I don't own anything, neither the anime, nor the music used in this video.

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