The Shape of Music in A Silent Voice


Thank you to @ultimatemegax for allowing me to reference an interview with Naoko Yamada he translated:

Also check out Pause and Select’s video on the original manga that I mentioned:

Big thanks to Pause and Select, @NachiKyoTsuki97 and Under the Scope for proof reading the script too, as well as Eric for helping me write it/checking the editing.

A Silent Voice’s music has one of the most interesting concepts I’ve seen for a film, animated or otherwise, in a long time. I’ve done my best to give you guys an entertaining enough look at what it has to offer...although yeah I know a lot of the music theory will probably mean nothing to you. Making this kind of stuff clear yet entertaining is going to have to be a point of improvement for next time. In other news, KyoAni stuff is really hard to edit. The cuts are really slow which I guess comes with the territory for this kind of narrative but there’s this nagging suspicion that I’ve just been lazy. Likewise with the writing, there was originally a lot more in this script but then this would just drag on and on into this semi-didactic spiel that would kinda kill the novelty of the topic.

On a tangent, yes I’m aware that this topic has been covered very recently in another video which brings up points very similar to mine that draws heavily from this interview with the composer:

I can assure you that I have been working on this video since well before I was aware of this other one, however I understand no one wants to see the same argument twice so I did take extra care to touch on aspects the former video did not.

Apologies for any jarring audio issues, getting the balance right for a soundtrack like this was hard (trying to get my vocals above while still maintaining the boominess of the original recording while also having the whole thing sound gentle). Watching it back just before the upload it feels oddly empty, but that may be from how much I’ve been working on it so yeah, there ya go.

Additional footage:
Koe no Katachi’s Sympathetic Panels (Pause and Select)
K-On! The Movie
Tamako Love Story
speed of youth MV
Koi wo shita no wa MV

Music by Kensuke Ushio:
black and white

Additional music:
Invention No. 1 in C major - Johann Sebastian Bach

Written, narrated and edited by Abhi Kapoor

Follow me on Twitter: @RBKapoor1
Eric’s Twitter: @MrAJCosplay

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