Tech Romancer - Sega Dreamcast - Arcade & Dreamcast intros with Blodia II longplay [HD 1080p]

Full playthrough / longplay of Tech Romancer as the hidden character Jin Saotome and Blodia II from Cyberbots. This is a rare example of a Capcom fighting game that only runs at 30fps and the mecha robot designs and concept for the game came from Shoji Kawamori (河森 正治) of Studio Nue (スタジオぬえ). Both the original arcade intro movie and the Dreamcast anime opening scene are shown at the start. Tech Romancer could be called Cyberbots 2 in all but name, however the change from 2D to 3D resulted in a large number of gameplay differences. So the two games end up being very different in many areas.

Tech Romancer features a wacky cast of characters and to go with that cast of characters, there is an equally odd mix of stories, many characters also have branching paths and not all the paths have a happy ending. On top of the story mode is the Hero Challenge mode which is a straight up fight against the twelve characters from the arcade. Most of the secret characters however are restricted to the latter mode only and the three boss characters aren't playable in any form, unless you own a gameshark or Xploder disc. Despite that the game is packed full of extra content from VMU and mini-games, to a full artwork gallery and plenty more as well. Jin Saotome and Blodia II are only available in the Dreamcast version, you buy them from the Tatsumi Techno Dome after unlocking their purchase option from the VMU mini games.

It's a shame most modern games don't have this degree of extra and unlockable content. As a fighting game it's a bit middle of the road, first time fighting fans will love it for the over the top moves and the easy to remember and use controls. Veteran fighting fans on the other hand likely won't get much out of it as the combat is overly simple. Balancing is all over the place with the different characters and the final attack move that allows you to one shot you opponent is activated way too quickly in a fight. If you're a mecha fan or have played Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Guilty Gear to death and want something different then this is the fighter for you. In 2001 a matching service version was released with online play.

Also known as: 超鋼戦紀キカイオー / Choukousenki Kikaioh (Japanese title)

Release: 2000
Developer: Capcom / 株式会社カプコン
Publisher: Capcom (Japan & North America) Virgin Interactive (Europe)
Format: Sega Dreamcast (DC) / ドリームキャスト

Tech Romancer is not available on any other format outside the original arcade and Dreamcast release.

Randomised Gaming blog:

All footage in this video is captured directly from the Sega Dreamcast console, via an Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro using a VGA to HDMI upscaler.

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