Samurai Champloo on vinyl is the original lofi hip hop

Samurai Champloo is an anime that first aired in 2005, lauded for it's forward-thinking soundtrack featuring legendary hip hop producers Nujabes and Fat Jon. These were some of the formative beats for me as a producer.

I managed to find this 2017 edition of Samurai Champloo's soundtrack on Discogs. It's not a first edition pressing, but it does sound great. I hope you enjoy listening!

Just a heads-up, this music gets content claimed on youtube. Doesn't matter to me, as I'm just uploading these videos for fun. I'm happy to support the creators (or their labels...)

I hear some folks use my channel for their streams, so if you're one of those folks, skip this video!

Shout-out to everyone who came to my stream yesterday, that was fun. I'll try to pick out some albums to play and chill out on a live sometime again soon.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the tunes.


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