Ryuk Comparison: anime/Japanese live-action/musical (Death Note)

from the anime : death-note

A comparison of Ryuk scenes, from the anime in Japanese, the anime in English, the live-action Japanese movies, the TV drama, and the musical.

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Order of scenes in this video:
Anime in Japanese
Anime in English
Death Note Japanese live-action movie
Death Note live-action TV drama
"Death Note: The Musical"

Ryuk Actors:
Shido Nakamura-Japanese voice actor and Death Note movies
Vincent Tong-English voice actor
Jun Fukushima-TV drama
Kotaro Yoshida-Death Note musical

*I DO NOT own Death Note, characters, story, or music.*

Death Note story and characters belong to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

Music at the beginning and end is "Light's Theme B" composed by Hideki Taniuchi.

Production rights for the musical belong to HoriPro, Inc.

Song from the musical is "Kira".
:Produced by Frank Wildhorn, written by Jack Murphy.
Translated by Ako Takahashi
Ryuk's part performed by Kotaro Yoshida

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