Is This The Next Soul Eater? | Fire Force

Fire Force (Enen no Shouboutai) is a new Shounen made by the same author as Soul eater. The manga is fantastic, and the anime is looking to be as well, but if you don't trust the description, check out my review.
Don't read this
Fire force is gonna be dope as heck guys, Atsushi ?kubo really outdid himself this time. I'm gonna review/react to it real good. Episode 1 is the only one out atm but it'll be flames aight guys? Shinra, Tamaki and Arthur are all pretty cool. Did I mention there's a brigade of flames? who's your favorite wafiu? don't answer idc. So here's my review. I mean reaction. I mean both. Oh yeah soul eater was cool huh? 2019 baby. Kusakabe baby.

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