How to make a steampunk gauntlet from foam PART 2. DIY cosplay robot arm

This is the second of two parts, showing how to make a steampunk mechanical arm/ gauntlet. This arm is made from EVA foam, and held together with hot glue. Great for a cosplay project that sets you apart! Steampunk arm, robot arm, cyborg arm, automail, Doomfist, are all costumes that can be built from this pattern as a base.

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Hinged Rivets Tutorial➜
Hydraulic Piston Tutorial➜

Costumes made from foam are much cheaper than using fancy thermoplastics, and are amazingly resilient, and pretty easy to make with minimal tools.

If you have never made something from foam, you might want to start with a slightly easier project to get familiar with the techniques involved.

If you would like to support me on Patreon, you can get access to my patterns as I draft them, get each pattern as I release it for free, and have access to extra content. Extra content for this project is a one hour video comprising all the footage I filmed while making the arm, sped up 4x.
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