Final Fantasy XV: Unlimited AP Trick (Magitek Generator)

How to get unlimited AP with this trick in Final Fantasy 15. By obtaining the "Magitek Generator" from the Colosseum at Altissia, you can use the car to generate an infinite number of AP without refueling. The Magitek Generator give you unlimited gas. Getting Ascension skill Roadrunning provides you with AP whenever you drive for long distance. Therefore, you can combine these to facts to get unlimited AP in the car via a secret trick shown in video to drive in circles forever. Video shows the whole procedure of getting infinite AP and counts number of AP that can be generated when the Regalia travels one full circle. Note: You should travel one circle at least once and get all Photo Ops out of the way (so Prompto doesn't stop the car). Or, the permanent solution is to leave the map open on autodrive with ignis driving (you still get AP after you close the map and stop the car). Also, if you have 60mph or 70mph upgrades, don't install them in the car, or your car may crash from going too fast on one of the corners (I think the Regalia Type-F is by default 70mph, so it may be a bit too fast around corners). For XBox One, change the settings for the controller so it doesn't disconnect from idle, and make sure the cable is always connected for power. An important part of the video is the installation of the Enhanced Headlights on Regalia, which will prevent daemons from appearing in front of your car (thus stopping the AP generation). You can also see how to get the Enhanced Headlights at the end of the video. Gameplay walkthrough on PlayStation 4 Pro version of FFXV.

  • Uploaded by edepot

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