Final Fantasy Unlimited (???????????????????) op full Over the Fantasy (?? ??)

Anime- Final Fantasy Unlimited (2001)
Song- Over the Fantasy by Kana Ueda


The light of dawn pours over the vast Earth
And marks the beginning of our journey
With our eyes on the future
I deeply breathe in the rushing wind
The eyes that could only speak in dreams
Presented with us the path we're to take
Fly to the Neverland
Awaken the unlimited courage inside of us.
Once the pure flower of your heart
Can even be made to bloom in the midst of a storm
We will be wrapped in silence
And born again in a world with no war
It will continue to expand for all eternity
Filling our hearts with love
Fly to the Neverland
While holding hands with the one whom I trust.

  • Uploaded by Pidgey Orville

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