Evolution of Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan

from the anime : Attack on Titan

➤ Theme: Welcome to the Anime Book channel. In this video, I present to your attention Evolution of Eren Jaeger Titans in the Anime Series - Attack on Titan & Shingeki no Kyojin.
➤ About the Video Content: Good day, dear viewers of our channel. In this video, I present for you all the stages of the character Eren Yeager from the anime AoT. It took me a lot of time to create this video, I studied manga and watched anime, and also read various information on the Internet. I hope I did this job well and you will appreciate my work with your support. And yes, in this video I made a slightly different animation design. I hope you like it. I wish you a pleasant viewing!
In this vido we consider the: power levels of Eren, founding titan of Eren, Eren's transformation, all stages of Eren. All information for the video content is taken from open sources on the NET, manga, ranobe, discussions, etc. Enjoy watching.

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