DIY Mini Ramen & Dumpling Japanese Candy kit - Kracie Pop 'n Cook

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Hello my bunnies!
Today, I have a Kracie Happy Kitchen Candy set to show you! I've actually been waiting for this kit for a while, since it was discontinued several years ago. They now made a candied version of Ramen & Dumplings... which are some of my most favorite food! This candy kit contains everything you need to create this ADORABLE miniature ramen noodle with bowl and candy dumplings! Every thing here is sweet. No savory flavors and is by far, one of my most favorite DIY kits! I hope you guys enjoy the video and leave me in the comments below which kracie kit is your favorite!

Have a safe and warm Thanksgiving everything. I have so many things to be thankful for... including your wonderful support. Thanks everyone!

Much love & feeling incredibly blessed,


  • Uploaded by Flying Mio

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