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(????)? ? hiya ?
it's already another year y'all - which means it's been almost a whole year since i started this channel! I can't thank you guys enough for the love and support i have received so far ??(T?T)??, i truly appreciate it !! i'm back with a small tutorial on how i make (movie credits themed) anime posters! a way to add on to your weeb collection (*???). You could actually do this with any movie/TV show, not just anime! I hope you can have a bit of fun modifying it to your liking and give you some inspo! apologies in advance for the very very inconsistent editing style - i'm still struggling to find my own style (???). anyways, i hope you guys have an extraordinary new year and let's hope 2021 is slightly better than the previous one.

what kind of paper did I print on?
regular, standard A4 printer paper
do you need a laptop to do this?
nope - there’s an app~
what laptop am I using?
surface laptop 3
what app?
it’s mentioned in the video, but I used Canva
what do I use to hang up my posters?
glue-tack (an adhesive putty)

music credits: ?(???*?)
happy high - prod. prnv

(????)? stationery used: (non-affiliate links)
- tombow dual brush pen
- pentel touch sign brush pen
- pentel P365 mechanical pencil 0.5
- zebra sarasa clip gel pen 0.5

thank you so much for watching, ?
and i hope you have a great day/night ??(???° )

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