Detective Pikachu: Original Anime VS Live Action

These Pokemon Look Way Different...
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With Detective Pikachu in theatres soon, Pokemon fans can’t wait to see how their favorite pocket monsters will look in live-action form on the big screen.

The Pikachu in the film is based off of the Pikachu from the video game Detective Pikachu and the resemblance is striking. Charizard is just as awesome-looking as his video game self. Mr. Mime is very odd looking in the trailers, but we promise the original one isn’t as awkward-looking. Jigglypuff looks much different in the movie while Greninja is still as cool as ever. Ludicolo is ready to serve some coffee for some reason and Snubbull is way meaner than we remember. Lickitung’s tongue has so much more detail and Psyduck looks as confused as we’d expect. Even the legendary Mewtwo will be in the movie and it seems like its been hitting the gym.

Enjoy the video and let us know which Pokemon you’re looking forward to seeing on the big screen in Detective Pikachu. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to TheBinger for more great content.

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