Detective Pikachu: Creepiest Pokemon Ranked

These Pokemon Aren't Like Their Original Anime Versions...
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Detective Pokemon is nothing short of the best video game movie to date and brings to life several of the iconic monsters in the beloved franchise. Unfortunately, it also depicts some of the creepiest Pokemon in the long running series.

For instance, Psyduck and Cubone might be adorable, but one’s a destructive force of nature and the other has deeply unsettling mommy issues. Greninja might look cool, until you realize that it’s wearing it’s outstretched tongue as an article of clothing; which is only slightly better than Lickitung, who’s all tongue. Gengar is another cool Pokemon in the movie, until you realize that you would never want to see it late at night. Ludicolo and Loudred suffer from looking too unrealistic, while Aipom has the exact opposite problem. Ditto’s cuteness hides its Cronenberg-like terror and Mr. Mime is just something from a nightmare.

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