Detective Pikachu ~ A Christmas Case ~ ⚡❄ #detectivepikachu

It's been a few months since Tim and Pikachu solved the case of R but there is still no sign of Harry. As they continue their search into the holiday season, they are sent to investigate something uncanny in an old theater house. Mystery and new clues to Harry's whereabouts await the duo in Detective Pikachu ~A Christmas Case~.

This is a fan animation sequel of the Detective Pikachu game by Creatures Inc. and the story is all fan fiction. I highly recommend playing the game or at least checking it out before watching this.

Pikachu - Andrew Bearden
Tim - Dom Dinh
Pablo Milan - Mick "Ricepirate" Lauer
Benjamin Grand - Ty Konzak
Mina Hermez – Anairis Quiñones
Nolan Nicholas - Steven Kelly
Juliet Cormick - Elsie Lovelock
Michael Ghast - Druoxtheshredder
Rick Morrison - P.M. Seymour
Lance Holme - Chris Zambelis
Koji Okazawa - Kestin Howard
Ally Kingston - Kerstyn Unger
Smeargle - Edywn Tiong (Omahdon)
Ludicolo/Vanillites/Chinchou - Kimlinh Tran
Blissey/Froslass/Ninetales - Jess the Dragoon

-Additional artwork-
Rakusa Studios

Spanish (Español) - IGStudiosMX (
Chinese (中文) - Nonday (
Japanese (日本語) - VoiceDubz (
French (français) - Discord: Google Chrome#1064


So... for a long time I've been wanting to make a video for Christmas but never had any good idea what to animate for this theme.... and then I saw the Detective Pikachu game.... That's when I got this idea of a Pokemon Detective Christmas movie. I hope this special animation can remind us of the true meaning of Christmas and help us keep the holiday spirit in our hearts every year.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)


  • Uploaded by Jess the Dragoon

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