Demon Slayer: All 15 Breath Styles Explained : Total Concentration - Kimetsu no Yaiba Discussion

All 15 Breath Styles Explained : Total Concentration - A Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba Discussion

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Anime fried Chicken here back once again with another Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba discussion video.

Today we’re talking about breathing techniques, no not Hamon ripple Jojo’s bizzare adventure nonsense get outta here with that baloney. Today we’re not here to kill vampires, we’re here to neck some demons. And I’ve got 15 different schools of total concentration breathing styles that will do just the job. So buckle in, take a deep breath, and get ready to swing that Nichirin blade. Lets dive right in.


First up is the style that has had the most screen time by an absolute mile, the Breath of Water. It’s worth mentioning now that there are five main breath styles, Water Flame Stone Wind n’ Thunder, and that other styles are essentially derivatives from these 5.

Users of the Breath of Water style include our boy Tanjiro, Urokodaki sensei, Tomioka and the deceased student of urokodaki, Sabito and Makomo. The art and animation of this style leans heavily on flowing water imagery for most of the attacks, with thick, bold inking, giving the appearance of a moving painting based on edo era artwork.


The Breath of Thunder is next seen being used by our zappy boi Zenitsu. Other known users of the Thunder Style include his teacher, Kuwajima, and also the new Thunder Pillar, Kaigaku.

Just as you’d expect from the breath of thunder, the attacks are flashy and speed is the name of the game. Compared to the more flowing nature of the breath of water style attacks, The thunder school strikes, are direct, precise, and over in an instant. From the couple of attacks we have seen animated so far, it’s fair to say they have been electrifying.


The Beast style is derived from the Breath of wind and the sole user is our favorite boar headed support character, inosuke. Not too many of his attacks have been animated so far, but from what we’ve seen, his slashes could be categorised as more primal and less refined, while more brutal than the other schools of fighting.

One aspect of the Breath of Beast style that is quite unique, is his 7th form attack, 7th fang, spatial awareness. Allowing Inosuke to sense demons by minute disturbances in the air. This skill proving useful when tanjiro’s sense of smell or zenitsu’s super hearing, are for whatever reason being blocked.


The breath of Insect is a third generation style that was formed from the breath of flower, which in turn was born from the breath of water. The single user of this form of swordswomanship in Shinobu Kocho.

Personally I believe this to be the most creative methods of inflciting mortal wounds to demon-kind so far in the anime. Shinobu’s blade is laced with Wisteria extract, and with each strike she is essentially delivering a dose of poison. Shinobu second best girl.

Ok. This covers breath styles that we’ve seen attacks animated for in the Anime as of the upload date for this video. From here on out we are in manga spoiler territory. I’ll speed through this as I know most of you are anime casuals. some of the manga pannels are tricky and readers may interpet the attack styles differently, so I’ll leave them for you guys to analyse. Manga Spoilers incoming: You have been warned!

He also uses slashes in conjunction with bombs made from a special gunpowder able to wound demons. A pretty flamboyant and noisy fighting style indeed.

The breath of the moon is the exception to the rule, and actually derives directly from the breath of the sun style. The sole user of this style is Kokushibo the Upper Moon one demon. Yes a Demon!

Just as the shape of the moon changes through it’s cycle, the chaotic nature of Kokushibo’s attacks are mostly sweeping crescent slashes that vary in size and number.

To be honest, this one is a bit of a mystery. We know that all of the other main breath styles are said to descend from this original form. We’ve had Shinjuro Rengoku speculate that Tanjiro uses breath of the sun, based on his hanefuda earrings.

And there are hints that breath of the sun is the same as Dance of the fire god, a breath style passed down through the Kamado family.

Our protagonist Tanjiro learned this breath style from this father Tanjuro, and it has 12 forms of attack, has a stronger base level of damage compared to breath of the water, but also takes a heavier toll on Tanjiro’s stamina.

And that’s it. I’m thinking of breaking down each of the breath styles individual attack forms, let me know if you think this a video I should make! This was anime fried Chicken, If you liked this video, please subscribe so I know to make more of them.


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