DANCING DESKTOP WAIFU - Desktop anime girls & dancing virtual mascots! - Desktop MMD Steam

DANCING DESKTOP WAIFU - Desktop MMD out now on Steam for all your desktop anime girl needs!

Have you ever dreamt of having your very own desktop waifu on PC? How about a whole horde of desktop anime girls filling your screen? Or maybe you just want a little virtual mascot to help you dance your blues away? Well you're in luck because the day has come and Desktop MMD (available on Steam) now let's you go crazy and fill your screen with as many dancing anime girls as you can stomache!!!

For the low low price of just £2.60 you too can be the proud owner of not just one anime waifu, not just two anime waifus BUT AN ENDLESS STREAM OF DANCING, JIGGLING, ANIME WAIFUS!

So, what are you waiting for, grab Desktop MMD and start filling your PC with Anime girls TODAY, don't delay, theres virtual mascots just waiting to dance for YOU! If you remember having a virtual pet (a tamagotchi) then this is just like that...except it's dancing anime girls with jiggly bits...

*This dancing desktop mmd program also supports custom mmd models and steam workshop so if you have the know how you could even import your favourite videogame characters into the program to dance for you... it isn't exclusively anime girls...*

  • Uploaded by Beardo Benjo

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