Breaking Down Houseki no Kuni's Incredible Animation | Anime Studio Spotlight

Canipa breaks down the production of Houseki no Kuni (Land of the Lustrous) and the studios that made it into one of the best anime of 2017.

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Animated by Christian Maize (@CookieficationJ)
Music by Steven Kelly (@Sarifus)
Produced for The Canipa Effect

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Animated by Dream High Animation (@DanimationH)

Anime series featured in this video (chronologically):
Land of the Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni)
RWBY Volume 5
Zoids: Chaotic Century
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Knight's & Magic
Majestic Prince: Genetic Awakening (Movie)
Izetta: The Last Witch
Under the Dog
Code Geass/Akito the Exiled III: The Brightness Falls
Kado: The Right Answer
HUNGRY DAYS Sazae-san (Cup Noodle CM)

Danger - Land of the Lustrous
Battle - Land of the Lustrous
Dawn of CENTRAL 47 - Dimension W
Main Theme - Land of the Lustrous
Hikari no Fuchi - Land of the Lustrous
Kyoumen no Nami - Land of the Lustrous
Theme of DW - Dimension W

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