Blue Gender- Anime Classics - Official Clip - What are the Blue?

Blue Gender- Own the complete sci-fi classic 6-21-2011

An action packed thrill ride, this series isn't for the faint of heart. Compelling from the very first episode, Blue Gender is best described as an addiction, one that is candy-coated with excellent character development and brushed with the venomous tang of suspense. Explore humanity's worst nightmare...

By the year 2031, humankind has been replaced as the dominant species on Earth. The remains of the human race have fled into outer space, to escape the infestation. It's unknown how long the Blue have actually existed.

Suddenly awakened after 22 years in suspended animation, Yuji Kaido finds himself thrust into a world more terrifying than his worst nightmare, a world where human beings are being hunted down by giant insect-like creatures called the Blue. Yuji's only hope for survival comes from the elite Sleeper Recovery Team. But when things don't go according to plan and they find themselves trapped with no means of escape, Yuji must step up and become part of the team in this fight for survival.

  • Uploaded by Crunchyroll Dubs

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