Bleach All Openings 1-15 Reaction || Girlfriend Anime Blind OP Reaction

bleach all openings reaction. So today I'm reaching in the old nostalgia bag and doing a reaction to all the openings of Bleach! I (RBG) use to love watching Bleach when I was in high school so its awesome that I get to watch it with my girlfriend soon to be wife!

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0:00 Intro
4:02 *~Asterisk~
5:32 D-tecnoLife
6:57 Ichirin no Hana
8:27 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
9:58 Rolling Star
11:27 Alones
12:58 After Dark
14:27 Chu-Bura
15:57 Velonica
17:27 Shojo S
18:58 Anima Rossa
20:27 chAngE
21:57 Ranbu no Melody
23:27 BLUE
24:56 Harukaze
26:26 Final Thoughts

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