Best of Sgt Frog - Season One

Ah, Sgt Frog, the relatively unknown, yet absolutely hilarious anime. In honor of the brilliant work by the scriptwriters and voice actors over at Funimation, I wanted to compile some of my favorite moments from the show, as it really doesn't get enough exposure.

Because this is the internet, and one needs to say so: this is my own compilation, and so, of course it'll be missing some your own favorite moments. I probably missed them too. Fifteen minutes is hardly enough for this show, while other scenes were simply too long or needed too much context to understand(a lot of moments involving Dororo, the narrator, and other such things, for example).

As for why there's an obnoxious bar in the upper left: the program I used to get the footage from my DVDs left a watermark. Not wanting to have that plastered there, I decided to slap that bar up there and make it a little more manageable. Sadly, it covers the subtitle text, so I scene-by-scene added the subtitles back in on the bottom. Hopefully, that is sufficient.

Sgt Frog is licensed to Funimation and copyrighted by Mine Yoshizaki.

  • Uploaded by A.R.M.P.I.T. Platoon

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