Best Of Anime Acoustic Guitar Cover

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00:00 Tokyo Ghoul: Unravel
04:14 Tokyo Ghoul: Re
08:08 Naruto: Sadness And Sorrow
14:01 Fairy Tail: Opening 1
15:49 Fairy Tail: Main Theme
17:31 One Punch Man: The Hero
19:53 Watachi No Uso
22:11 Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso
26:31 Koe No Katachi
29:15 Parasyte: Let Me Hear
32:18 No Game No Life
35:38 Sword Art Online: Crossing Field
37:15 Sword Art Online: Ignite
40:35 Attack Of Titan: Opening 2
42:53 Noragami Aragoto
44:25 Death Note

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