best anime openings but it's lofi remix | lofi hip hop mix

when lofi meets anime you get some of the best tracks there are. this mix is exactly that. an hour long compilation of tracks remixed from popular anime like jujutsu kaisen, attack on titan, dr stone and more.

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animation by me


0:00 kurochuu - red swan but it’s lofi (attack on titan)
2:34 kijugo - lost in paradise but it’s lofi (jujutsu kaisen)
4:36 kijugo - my war but it’s lofi (attack on titan)
6:20 kijugo - kataware doki but it’s lofi - (kimi no nawa)
9:33 kijugo - iro kousui but it’s lofi (horimiya)
11:28 kenma - fukashi no carte but it’s lofi (bunny girl senpai)
13:43 kijugo - inferno but it’s lofi (fire force)
15:01 palademix - fantasy vs. science but it’s lofi (dr stone)
19:59 kijugo - fireworks festival but it’s lofi (tenki no ko)
23:01 kijugo - cruel’s angel thesis but it’s lofi (evangelion)
26:04 feora - again but it’s lofi (your lie in april)
29:11 repeat

  • Uploaded by nostalgic

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