Because I'm Awesome ! Asuka AMV - Evangelion

And I beat you! - Cause I'm AWESOME!

A little AMV about Asuka with a fun song ;) I think it suits her. But even though she'd be talking about how awesome she is by day, at night Asuka's alone and miserable because its Eva and everyone's miserable.

I went for sort of a "classic / retro" look here, in that it's a pretty simple AMV with basic and subtle effects and is kept in 4:3.

I started this video back in 2013, concurrently with my other Asuka video...That one clearly got finished, and this one was forgotten about (even though I like this song better).

Song: Because I'm Awesome (Album Version)
Artist: The Dollyrots
Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Character: Asuka (and her less than awesome classmates)

As always, this video is fan made and for entertainment purposes. If you like what you see, please go support the official releases of the series and/or music!

  • Uploaded by Lita3O2

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