Battle! Galar Gym Leader ~ Anime Version (Pokémon 2019) [EXTENDED]

Also a pretty cool arrangement. I really like how it condenses all the variations of SwSh's Gym Leader theme (aside from the one that plays when you select a Pokémon after losing one) in a shorter track, although I think in this case I kinda lean to the game version, it's just too good.

Loop would probably sound better if I just looped the last segment like in the games, but it'd be a crime to not listen to the first two versions anymore :c

♫ Arranged by: Yuki Hayashi♫
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing featured in this video. All the copyright goes to their respective owners.

yes no Galar gym leader in that thumbnail but the song played in that battle, 100% not clickbait do not sue me

  • Uploaded by David Mismo

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