Bare feet anime trample - Reverse Ryona in swimsuit compilation - Gal*Gun 2 - PS5 4K

I made a new series of girls from the park level. I also want to do a pool bare feet compilation (hopefully with a lot more girls). But surprisingly 4 of the girls (including Tsubasa and Neneko) did the trampling or crushing attack in their swimsuits in this park level and I think it was worth making a separate video and I do hope you will enjoy it. A poll will follow in the community to ask which video should be next from this park level.

00:00 - Neneko Kosugi (Cat Girl) - ?????
00:54 - Kazusa Kuchiki - ?????
01:40 - Sango Namiki
02:30 - Tusbasa Yomoyama

Gal Gun games are a series of rail bish?jo shooters filled with anime style girls wearing different costumes varying from normal uniforms, to school swimsuits, bikinis, maid, bunny, nurse and much more.
In Gal*Gun 2 Several features from Gal*Gun VR like the Demon Sweeper return. Doki Doki Mode will also make a return after being absent from Gal*Gun VR.
Gal Gun 2 seems the most complete Gal*Gun game even if the original released 2 years later as a remaster, it has much more game modes and features.

The gameplay was captured on the PS5 in high quality 4K resolution.

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