Baki vs Kengan Ashura Official Crossover!

Baki vs Kengan Ashura Official Crossover!
Manga/Anime: BAKI
‍♂️Author/Artist: Keisuke Itagaki
Manga/Anime: Kengan Ashura
‍♂️Author/Artist: SANDROVICH Yabako (story) & Daromeon (art)
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Official "Netflix Japan Anime" Twitter page released one interesting post.
Kengan Ashura Vs Baki Crossover.
But no exact information about how it will be looking.
Is it one 20 minutes long special episode, or something like 1 hour + long movie special,
or even a few episodes of Baki vs Kengan Ashura.
What do you think would be better? I think a movie would be looking cool, but also I would watch a short season of this crossover.
Also, we have the official art of Ohma and Baki looking at each other.
Tokita looks like ready and trembling - so much he wanna fight Baki already.
Baki looks relaxed as always but with some interest in his eyes.
Who do you think would win in an "Ohma vs Baki" fight?
If we take them from Anime, and then from the latest chapters of the manga.
I think anime-Ohma has some chances against anime-Baki, but Baki from the latest manga chapters would destroy manga-Ohma.
I really hope that this crossover means that both Kengan and Baki characters will meet each other and fight.
Not just something stupid.
The fight "who against who" you want to see the most, except Ohma against Baki of course? And what do you think about this crossover?


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