Anime Zone: Samurai Champloo Anime Review

REUPLOADED because someone hacked my account and deleted all my videos.

Everyone ready for it? SAMURAI CHAMPLOO! A sound clip courtesy of some random video with Johnny Yong Bosch shouting it. I stumbled across the video by random and as soon as I heard it I though "Yes, I am so using this in my review". As for the review itself, well I still agree with what I said back then. When I first watch SC I did expect it to be better overall, but good episodes but just too far between in comparison to cowboy bebop.

And if anyone is wondering where that monkey came from, its from an old episode from a British panel comedy show called "Never mind the Buzzcocks" (it was a VERY obscure reference so I was surprised as hell that some people actually did recognise it).

Also I should point out this is the last video edited using Windows movie maker, though for any wannabe reviewers out there don't be discouraged it you don't have the best editing/recording equipment, just start off with what you have and if you really enjoy it you can upgrade from there!

  • Uploaded by Gigguk

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