Anime Openings Guitar Cover Medley

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Here's an anime guitar cover of some openings I find cool both video and audio.
I recorded video after audio.
I'm new to mastering and stuff .. anyways ... Enjoy

1. Devil May Cry 1st OP; DMC guitar cover by Rungran
2. Bleach 12th OP; ,chAngE guitar cover by Miwa
3. Pokemon 1st OP;
4. Naruto Shippuuden 4th OP; Closer guitar cover by Joe Inue
5. Soul Eater 1st OP; Resonance guitar cover by TM Revolution
6. Dragon Ball Kai 1st OP
7. Death Note 1st OP; The World guitar cover by Nightmare

All rights go to their respective owners.

PS: I might do some more if ya like this one.

  • Uploaded by Wojtek Olakowski

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