Anime Lofi #2 - Power or Curse

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"There’s no sign that the evils of this world are disappearing.
That hasn’t changed since I became a hero.
So I guess that means I haven’t really made a difference.
I'm not necessarily sad about that
But there has been something bothering me lately
As the days pass, my emotions grow more distant
Fear, Tension, Joy, Anger. I feel none of them anymore
In exchange for power, maybe I've lost something that's essential for being human.
Before... I've all kinds of emotions whirling inside me when I fought
Dread, Panic, Rage but now, all I need is one punch to end it.
Everyday I come home un-injured and wash my gloves
When I'm out fighting monsters,
I never feel as if my heart's really in it anymore.
I mean, I just do the hero thing as a hobby
But as long as I get a kick out of it,
In the end, that's all i really care about."
- Saitama

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