Space Daddy. Bc we're anime and Mystic Messenger trash + we watch too many Mystic Messenger our first anime DIY ever (ft. Yuri on Ice + Black Butler) + Kpop background music ( ?° ?? ?°) and lots of bloopers of us messing up lol

We made some DIY anime keychains/charms, a DIY phone case, and a DIY waterslide decal mug.

This video is legit a cringe and meme fest so enjoy and we apologize for the cringe ;)

We've never made an anime DIY video before and wanted to experiment since we thought the anime community deserved some love (and cheap merch). We wanted to buy some anime merch but everything was either too expensive (*cough*shipping*cough*) or in Japanese

And so this video was born. We know it's not the most original thing out there but it was still fun to make :D

No copyright intended. We don't own any of the pictures. All pictures are owned by their respective artist and creators.

BTS - Miss Right
Credit: ChoiNaraLoVa

SHINee - Replay
Credit: CuntThisWay Germanotta

Decal paper:
Modge podge:
Phone case:
Acrylic Sealing spray:

  • Uploaded by justjoukie

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