Anime Collector Review #1: Kiki's Delivery Service

The first review of titles that I will be reviewing from within my collection for four categories: movie/ series review, English dub, audio/subtitle/video options and extra features. It took me over a week to prepare this video what with ripping the video/audio from my DVD, preparing dialogue, recording it and putting all the content together into this video. It was also challenging trying to cram all I wanted to present in less than 10 minutes considering Youtube's rules.

Still, Kiki's Delivery Service is one of my personal favorite titles coming from Studio Ghibli. It has all the qualities that Hayao Miyazaki is known for with his earlier films: focus on a female protagonist, the lack of a true antagonist, themes of coming-of-age. Definitely worth watching and quite easy to get. Be sure to pay a visit to my channel so you know what anime titles I have on hand for you to suggest a review for.

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