All deaths from anime Munou na Nana

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Talentless Nana is a Japanese manga series written by Looseboy and illustrated by Iori Furuya. It has been serialized in Square Enix's sh?nen manga magazine Monthly Sh?nen Gangan since May 2016 and has been collected in seven tank?bon volumes. The manga is published digitally in North America by Crunchyroll. Wikipedia

Episodes: 13 (List of episodes)

Volumes: 7 (List of volumes)

English publisher: Crunchyroll (digital)

Studio: Bridge

Published by: Square Enix

Genres: Psychological thriller, Suspense

Nana Hiiragi.

Nanao Nakajima.

Michiru Inukai.

Kyouya Onodera.

Tatsumi Tsuruoka.

Jin Tachibana.

Tsurumigawa Rentaro.

Ryuuji Ishii

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