ALL 9 of Zoro's Sword in One Piece | Every Blade Zoro has used in One Piece until now explained

In this video I go over all of Zoro's blades and the 9 that we have seen him using since the start of One Piece along with what happened to the ones he lost and how he got his new ones. I also go over which class his blades fall into the 21 O Wazamono Grade Class, the Ryo Wazamono Grade Class and the Wazamono Grade Class. There will be some spoilers in this video but it is indeed anime only so you don't need to worry about any manga spoilers. If you guys enjoyed this video and want to learn more about Zoro's Swords feel free to let me know and I will be happy to upload more facts and content about his swords in the future! I hope you guys enjoyed the video and learned something new if you enjoyed the content please consider hitting the subscribe button as it would help me out a ton as I try to put out more anime and One Piece content for you! Thank you very much for watching. I really appreciate it!

The 9 Swords we see Zoro using throughout One Piece are
Dual Katanas - Acquired in hometown - lost at Baratie vs duel with Dracule Mihawk
The Wado Ichimonji - Acquired in Hometown - Currently carrying
Johnny and Yasoku's Swords - Acquired in Arlong Park - Returned to Johnny and Yasoku
Sandai Kitetsu/Kitetsu III - Acquired in Loguetown - Currently Carrying
Yabashiri - Acquired in Loguetown - lost in Enies Lobby - laid to rest in Thriller Bark
Shusui - Acquired in Thriller Bark - Returned to Wano
Seppuku Blade - Acquired in Wano - left on battlefield
Kamazo's Scythe - Acquired in Wano - left on battlefield
Enma - Acquired in Wano - Currently Carrying

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