[15K Special] Gojo x Sukuna - Collab Edit / Tidal Wave

Thanx For 15k Subs. It means alot to me at the same time I cant believe that we just crossed 15k subs !!!!
so here's a 15k special edit.

► Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
► Character: Satoru Gojo and Ryomen Sukuna
► Music: Tidal Wave
►Part 1 (Gojo) @Diablo AMV's 魔
►Part 2 (Sukuna) @MoonShoT AMV

►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diablo.amv
►Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiabloNemesis

Adobe After Effects CC 2020

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#amv #amvedit #satorugojo #gojosatoru #sukuna #ryomensukuna #aftereffects

  • Uploaded by Diablo AMV's ?

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