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Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Only the Avatar knows how to control all four elements. But there's plenty YOU can learn about Avatar The Last Airbender! And Channel Frederator is here to help. Grab your kite-staff and snuggle up to your flying bison. Here's 107 Facts about Avatar The Last Airbender YOU Should Know!

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Watching Avatar The Last Airbender, we all wish we could control the elements. Would you bend water like Katara? Or maybe earth like Toph? Maybe you'd bend fire like Zuko, or just do all four like Aang, the Avatar himself. Sadly, we're all just normal like Sokka. At least you can bend your mind around 107 Avatar The Last Airbender Facts YOU Should Know!

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" is a property of Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

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Narrated by: Tim Jablonski

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