Vision of Escaflowne

High school student Hitomi is transported from Earth to the magical world of Gaea, where she meets boy prince Van Fanel, and is caught up in his quest to unite the countries of Gaea against the ominous Zaibach empire. On the way, she discovers an hidden ability and strives to unravel layers of mystery surrounding Van, his past, and the giant machine known as Escaflowne.

  • Scores: 7.68 / 62,397
  • Quality: HD
  • Duration: 24 min. per ep.
  • Source: Original
  • Studios: Sunrise
  • Producers: TV Tokyo, Bandai Visual

Episode Guide

Episode Title
1 Fateful Confession Watch
2 The Girl from the Mystic Moon Watch
3 The Gallant Swordsman Watch
4 The Diabolical Adonis Watch
5 The Seal of the Brothers Watch
6 City of Intrigue Watch
7 Unexpected Partings Watch
8 The Day the Angel Flew Watch
9 Memories of a Feather Watch
10 The Blue-Eyed Prince Watch
11 Prophecy of Death Watch
12 The Secret Door Watch
13 Red Destiny Watch
14 Dangerous Wounds Watch
15 Lost Paradise Watch
16 The Guided Ones Watch
17 The Edge of the World Watch
18 The Gravity of Destiny Watch
19 Operation Golden Rule of Love Watch
20 False Vows Watch
21 Reaction of Fortune Watch
22 The Black-Winged Angel Watch
23 Storm Premonition Watch
24 Fateful Decision Watch
25 Zone of Absolute Fortune Watch
26 Eternal Love Watch

Characters & Voice Actors

Fanel, Van
Fanel, Van Seki, Tomokazu
Kanzaki, Hitomi
Kanzaki, Hitomi Sakamoto, Maaya
Schezar, Allen
Schezar, Allen Miki, Shinichiro
Albatou, Dilandau
Albatou, Dilandau Takayama, Minami
Amano, Akira
Amano, Akira Miki, Shinichiro
Asona Iwata, Yasuo
Aston Ooki, Tamio
Bantou Kameyama, Sukekiyo
Boris Iizuka, Shouzou
Byle Murozono, Takehiro
Chesta Yamaguchi, Kappei
Dallet Arima, Katsuaki
Dornkirk Newman, Richard
Duke Freid Nakano, Yutaka
Elise Amano, Yuri
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Eps: 26
Escaflowne (Dub)