Shine Post

The idol unit "TINGS" has big dreams, but only small achievements, and is not very popular. The best manager in the world was supposed to be their savior, but... "I'm not interested in being your manager." The man who shows up is Naose Hinaki, a man with no motivation. However, he has a special power...? This is a story of you and the girls shining brightly to become "absolute idols." The best idol entertainment begins here!

  • Scores: 6.86 / 1,039
  • Quality: HD
  • Duration: 22 min.
  • Source: Light novel
  • Studios: Studio Kai
  • Producers: Nippon Television Network, Avex Pictures, Docomo Anime Store, Konami Digital Entertainment, Contents Seed, BS NTV, Straight Edge, Culture Entertainment, Stray Cats, ADK Emotions

Characters & Voice Actors

Gionji, Yukine
Gionji, Yukine Hasegawa, Rimo
Itou, Momiji
Itou, Momiji Nakagawa, Rika
Nabatame, Haru
Nabatame, Haru Suzushiro, Sayumi
Seibu, Rio
Seibu, Rio Natsuyoshi, Yuuko
Tamaki, Kyouka
Tamaki, Kyouka Kanisawa, Moeko
Hinase, Naoki
Hinase, Naoki Yamashita, Daiki
Hinase, Yuuki
Hinase, Yuuki Komatsu, Mikako
Hinomoto, Hinatsu
Hinomoto, Hinatsu Kino, Hina
Hirose, Miina
Hirose, Miina Saitou, Kiara
Hiumi, Nanoka
Hiumi, Nanoka Takayanagi, Tomoyo
Hotaru Ohashi, Ayaka
Karabayashi, Aoba
Karabayashi, Aoba Takase, Kurumi
Karabayashi, Itoha
Karabayashi, Itoha Kubota, Miyu
Kikuchi, Eiko
Kikuchi, Eiko Tanezaki, Atsumi
Kurogane, Ren
Kurogane, Ren Serizawa, Yuu