Macross 7

Taking place one year before the Zentraedi arrive on Earth, Macross Zero chronicles the final days of the war between the U.N. Spacy and anti-U.N. factions. After being shot down by the anti-U.N.'s newest fighter plane, ace pilot Shin Kudo finds himself on the remote island of Mayan, where technology is almost non-existent. While Shin stays on the island to heal his wounds, the tranqulity of the island is shattered by a battle that involves the UN's newest fighter - the VF-0.

  • Scores: 7.14 / 11,010
  • Quality: HD
  • Duration: 25 min. per ep.
  • Source: Original
  • Studios: Production Reed
  • Producers: Mainichi Broadcasting System, Big West
  • Prequel: Macross Plus
  • Sequel: Macross Dynamite 7

Episode Guide

Episode Title
1 Speaker Pod Watch
2 Spiritia Level Watch
3 Fire Scramble Watch
4 Vampire Soldier Watch
5 Spirit Gal Watch
6 First Contact Watch
7 Summer Accident Watch
8 Virgin Bomber Watch
9 Angel Night Watch
10 Deep Ballad Watch
11 Minmay Video Watch
12 Spiritia Farm Watch
13 Fold Out Watch
14 Fighting Woman Mayor Milia Watch
15 Virgin Jealousy Watch
16 Battlefront Music Box Watch
17 Pretty Devil Watch
18 Fallen Little Devil Watch
19 Life-Perilous Date Watch
20 Ladies' Temptation Watch
21 Dangerous Kiss Watch
22 Men of Burning Fire Watch
23 Sound Force Watch
24 Merry Go Round Watch
25 Late Night Duet Watch
26 Deathmatch At Planet Lux Watch
27 Rainbow Colored Song Energy Watch
28 New Sound Weapon Watch
29 Dad And Mom, Love Once Again Watch
30 The Formula For A Love Triangle Watch
31 Passionate Scandal Watch
32 Jamming Birds Watch
33 Betrayal And A Girl's Tears Watch
34 The Day Gigile Sang Watch
35 A Night For Just The Two Of Us Watch
36 Men's Passionate Song Watch
37 The Mystery Of The Ruins? Watch
38 Sivil Of The Forbidden Planet Watch
39 Basara Returns Watch
40 A Feeling That Reaches Beyond The Stars Watch
41 I'm Crazy About Mylene! Watch
42 Desperate Capture Operation Watch
43 Individual Farewells Watch
44 The Nightmarish Invasion Watch
45 Ambitious Fourth Planet Watch
46 Gamlin's Rebellion Watch
47 The Death Of Basara Watch
48 Mylene's Tears Watch
49 A Voice Reaching Across The Galaxy Watch


Macross Plus


Macross Dynamite 7

Characters & Voice Actors

Jenius, Mylene Flare
Jenius, Mylene Flare Sakurai, Tomo
Kizaki, Gamlin
Kizaki, Gamlin Koyasu, Takehito
Nekki, Basara
Nekki, Basara Canna, Nobutoshi
Chiba, Gadget M.
Chiba, Gadget M. Sonobe, Keiichi
Docker Nagasako, Takashi
Fallyna, Milia
Fallyna, Milia Takeda, Eri
Feaze, Veffidas
Feaze, Veffidas Takano, Urara
Flower Girl
Flower Girl Nakagawa, Akiko
Folmo, Exsedol
Folmo, Exsedol Oobayashi, Ryuusuke
Ford, Sally S.
Ford, Sally S. Iwao, Junko
Fulcrum, Physica S.
Fulcrum, Physica S. Suyama, Akio
Gavil Suyama, Akio
Geperuniti Inoue, You
Gigile Nishimura, Tomohiro
Grabil Takahashi, Hiroki
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