Kare Kano

Miyazawa Yukino has always been a show-off. She always wanted to be number one, to be the very best in everything, to be adored by all others. Then one day, she meets her match: Arima Souichirou, who seems about as perfect as she strives to be. But no one is quite what they seem... for whenever Yukino goes home, off comes the ojou-sama (princess) façade — and on go the headbands, reading glasses, and sweats. Miss Congeniality is in fact a conniving, petty con-artist with a streak of absolute nerdy bliss. Of course, Yukino is not the only one hiding a secret, since Arima himself is not quite what he seems to be either.In her eagerness to become number one, she declares Arima as her arch-enemy, but then he declares his love for her...   

  • Scores: 7.6 / 75,313
  • Quality: HD
  • Duration: 24 min. per ep.
  • Source: Manga
  • Studios: Gainax, J.C.Staff
  • Producers: TV Tokyo, GANSIS

Episode Guide

Episode Title
1 Her Circumstances Watch
2 Their Secret Watch
3 His Circumstances Watch
4 Her Difficult Problem Watch
5 Day of the Labyrinth Watch
6 Your Voice That Changes Me Watch
7 Their Estrangement Watch
8 Her Day Watch
9 Atonement for Postponed Debts Watch
10 Everything Starts Now Watch
11 At the End of the First Semester Watch
12 The Location of Happiness Watch
13 The Subjectivity of Happiness Watch
14 The Story So Far Watch
15 The Story So Far (Part 2) Watch
16 Eternal Interspersion Watch
17 His Return Watch
18 Progress Watch
19 14 Days: 1 Watch
20 14 Days: 2 Watch
21 14 Days: 3 Watch
22 14 Days: 4 Watch
23 14 Days: 5 Watch
24 A Different Story from So Far Watch
25 A Different Story from Up to Now Watch
26 14 Days: 6 Watch

Characters & Voice Actors

Arima, Souichirou
Arima, Souichirou Suzuki, Chihiro
Miyazawa, Yukino
Miyazawa, Yukino Enomoto, Atsuko
Arima, Souji Guilmard, Robert
Asaba, Hideaki
Asaba, Hideaki O'Brien, Liam
Ikeda, Yumi
Ikeda, Yumi Kim, Seon Hye
Ikeda, Kazuma
Ikeda, Kazuma Ishida, Akira
Izawa, Maho
Izawa, Maho Noda, Junko
Kawashima-sensei Kiyokawa, Motomu
Miyazawa, Miyako
Miyazawa, Miyako Lillis, Rachael
Miyazawa, Grandfather
Miyazawa, Grandfather Landresse, Jean-Paul
Miyazawa, Hiroyuki
Miyazawa, Hiroyuki Kusao, Takeshi
Miyazawa, Tsukino
Miyazawa, Tsukino Calvello, Jessica
Miyazawa, Kano
Miyazawa, Kano Yamamoto, Maria
Pero Pero
Pero Pero Rogers, Bill
Sakura, Tsubaki
Sakura, Tsubaki Chiba, Saeko
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