Kakegurui Twin

As a first-year student of the renowned Hyakkaou Private Academy, Mary Saotome knows her future is set for a one-way cruise to the top...That is, until an encounter with an old-classmate-turned-housepet throws the newbie princess into the world of gambling! Can a normal girl like Mary make friends and survive debtless through only wit and luck?

  • Scores: 7.28 / 1,097
  • Quality: HD
  • Duration: 26 min. per ep.
  • Source: Manga
  • Studios: MAPPA
  • Producers: Square Enix, Avex Pictures
  • Prequel: Kakegurui

Characters & Voice Actors

Hanatemari, Tsuzura
Hanatemari, Tsuzura Honizumi, Rina
Saotome, Mary
Saotome, Mary Tanaka, Minami
Ikishima, Midari
Ikishima, Midari Ise, Mariya
Juraku, Sachiko
Juraku, Sachiko Kaida, Yuuko
Mibuomi, Aoi
Mibuomi, Aoi Yamashita, Seiichirou
Miharutaki, Sakura
Miharutaki, Sakura Takahashi, Rie
Momobami, Ririka
Momobami, Ririka Sawashiro, Miyuki
Momobami, Kirari
Momobami, Kirari Sawashiro, Miyuki
Sado, Mikura
Sado, Mikura Koga, Aoi
Togakushi, Yukimi
Togakushi, Yukimi Taichi, You
Yomozuki, Runa
Yomozuki, Runa Udono, Mayu
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Eps: 12
7.26 / 805,208