Dr. Slump

In Penguin Village, humans live alongside talking animals and objects. Senbei Norimaki is one of these humans, and he's an inventor with the lofty dream of creating the world's best robot girl. The product of his efforts is Arale, but depending on your definition of perfect, she's anything but! Not only is Arale severely nearsighted, but she also has no common sense! At least she has super-strength, though that often proves to be a setback as well. Although she means well, Arale only causes trouble for her neighbors in the whimsical Penguin Village!

  • Scores: 6.98 / 7,065
  • Quality: HD
  • Duration: 25 min. per ep.
  • Source: Manga
  • Studios: Toei Animation
  • Producers: Fuji TV

Episode Guide

Episode Title
1 Arale is Born!! / Let's Go to School Watch
2 Episode 2 Watch
3 Episode 3 Watch
4 Episode 4 Watch
5 Episode 5 Watch
6 Episode 6 Watch
7 Episode 7 Watch
8 Episode 8 Watch
9 Episode 9 Watch
10 Episode 10 Watch
11 Episode 11 Watch
12 Episode 12 Watch

Characters & Voice Actors

Norimaki, Gajira
Norimaki, Gajira Teppouzuka, Yoko
Norimaki, Senbei
Norimaki, Senbei Ubaldi, Pietro
Norimaki, Arale
Norimaki, Arale Scianca, Patrizia
Yamabuki, Midori
Yamabuki, Midori Minaguchi, Yuko
Buckets, Polly
Buckets, Polly Katsuki, Masako
Daiou, Nikochan
Daiou, Nikochan Shimada, Bin
Dr. Mashirito
Dr. Mashirito Okiayu, Ryoutarou
Gala Kazama, Nobuhiko
General Blue
General Blue Kazama, Nobuhiko
Kimidori, Kon Tanaka, Hideyuki
Kimidori, Aoi
Kimidori, Aoi Sturm, Victoria
Kimidori, Akane
Kimidori, Akane Lee, Yong Sin
Nikochan's Servant
Nikochan's Servant Sabre, Diego
Obotchaman Kumai, Motoko
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