Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki (Dub)

In 3015, the year of Huanli, two countries, Donatia and Kouran, are embroiled in a war of supremacy that is tearing the world around them apart. The small island Nil Kamui has suffered exceptionally from the war, with lands conquered in the name of each kingdom and stolen away from the people. To make matters worse, their deity, the Red Dragon, has gone mad, rampaging about Nil Kamui burning villages and killing people indiscriminately. Ibuki, a descendant of Nil Kamui's royal family, resides at an orphanage and refuses to take on the role of king. Abhorring conflict, Ibuki desires a peaceful resolution, however the chaotic world will not allow for such pacifism when it is being torn asunder by war. Despite his reluctance, Ibuki is drawn deep into this conflict. Can he rise to the occasion and save his country?

  • Season: Summer 2015 Anime
  • Status: Completed
  • Episodes: 12
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre:
  • Alternate names:
    Chaos Dragon , Red Dragon War , ケイオスドラゴン 赤竜戦役
  • Scores: 5.63 / 42,432
  • Quality: HD
  • Duration: 24 min. per ep.
  • Source: Game
  • Studios: SILVER LINK., Connect
  • Producers: Sotsu, TOHO animation

Episode Guide

Episode Title
1 Kill One to Save Many Watch
2 Antinomy Watch
3 Three as One Watch
4 Amid Enemies Watch
5 In a Fog Watch
6 Six Paths of Transmigration Watch
7 Ups and Downs in Life Watch
8 Perfect Serenity Watch
9 Winding Watch
10 Narrow Escape from Death Watch
11 Pandemonium Watch
12 One Chance in a Million Watch

Characters & Voice Actors

Cratsvalley, Swallow
Cratsvalley, Swallow Saitou, Souma
Eiha Sawashiro, Miyuki
Gramstahl, Kaguraba Raihou
Gramstahl, Kaguraba Raihou Ishizuka, Unshou
Ibuki Inoue, Marina
Lou, Zhenhua
Lou, Zhenhua Uchida, Maaya
Aka no Ryuu
Aka no Ryuu Ootsuka, Houchuu
Byakuei Tamaru, Atsushi
Fugaku Akabane, Kenji
Gakushou Matsui, Eriko
Hien Eguchi, Takuya
Inori Anzai, Chika
Isurugi, Agito
Isurugi, Agito Yamadera, Kouichi
Kai Watanabe, Haruka
Kazusa, Kurama
Kazusa, Kurama Ookawa, Tooru
Koukaku Ohara, Sayaka